Dinosaur footprints and rock climbing in Sucre

Who knew that dinosaurs not only lived in Bolivia, but left some pretty cool footprints behind? There are several places in Bolivia where one can spot dinosaur footprints, but the closest place to Sucre is Parque Cretacico, which can easily be visited in half a day.

Welcome to the real Jurassic Park!
The entrance to the park
Another replica at the entrance of the park

The Cretaceous Park exhibits replicas of many types of dinosaurs, which are more aimed at entertaining kids. But by far the coolest thing at this park is a gigantic wall that holds a record for having the largest number of dinosaur footprints on a single surface. There are 12,000 dinosaur footprints on this wall from ten different types of dinosaurs!

With my favourite dinosaur – the brachiosaurus
Apparently this park has the largest replica of this dinosaur
Smiling from ear to ear cuz we love dinosaurs!
Ahhh! Look who’s behind us!

The most intriguing fact is that this wall is actually not a wall at all. It used to be the bottom of a lake, which dried up and during its last days was basically just mud, which allowed for dinosaur footprints to be imprinted. When two tectonic plates collided, the lake became a vertical wall. Years and years of sediments covered the footprints, until one day the cement factory nearby discovered them as the workers were digging in the area. Another cool fact is that our Airbnb host in Sucre was actually a manager at this exact cement factory for several decades and was there when the footprints were discovered!

The various types of footprints that can be found at this park
Checking out the footprints from a viewpoint before setting out to look at them up close
The view of the right side of the wall with the footprints
The view of the left side of the wall. Several years ago, a triangle-shaped part of the wall collapsed, which had even more dinosaur footprints
Getting a bit closer to the footprints. Can you spot them?
Here we are with the footprints of brachiosaurus behind us. They’re huge!
Here they are again up close
A footprint from another dinosaur up close
Against another part of the wall with other sets of footprints
Just look at the scale of this “wall”. I’m only a small speck standing against it
Imagine the size of the dinosaurs that were able to leave these large footprints
You feel very small and insignificant standing next to these gigantic footprints

Now visitors can get up close to the footprints or admire them from afar. It is truly incredible to see actual proof that dinosaurs existed!

Due to the mountainous nature of Bolivia and Sucre in particular, we were also eager to try some rock climbing. Rami is a huge fan of rock climbing, having had memberships at various rock climbing gyms in Toronto and having experience rock climbing outside. While I rock-climbed indoors at the various gyms as well, this was the first time for me to actually rock climb outside.

Rami is super excited to give rock climbing a go in Bolivia

Surprisingly we only had to drive about fifteen minutes to the outskirts of Sucre and hike for another twenty minutes through a eucalyptus forest in order to reach our rock climbing wall. This was a very new experience for me as I was literally faced with an almost vertical wall, which at the beginning looked very intimidating. I basically had to find cracks and crevices in this wall for me to hold on to or to put my foot into in order to climb to the very top.

Ready to tackle the wall!
With our guide – Cesar. He’s been working as a guide for rock-climbing and other hiking expeditions part time while he completes his university degree
Here he goes!

The wall was actually quite steep and very high. Rami scaled the wall four times and I scaled it three times, each time using a different route. When standing at the bottom of the wall and looking up, Rami looked so tiny and small, which speaks to just how high this wall was.

Not gonna lie, I felt very intimidated by this wall and had a couple of weak moments when I was up there.
But I did it! The rock was actually pretty cold and sharp, which I didn’t expect because when climbing at an indoor gym, the rocks are plastic and smooth
Look how high this wall is! The trees nearby barely even reach the top of the wall
Rami is a natural of course
Standing at the foot of the wall, Rami looks like a small speck on this wall
I actually really enjoyed the view of Sucre from this rock-climbing place. It’s very convenient that we didn’t have to go very far from the city to do this excursion
Thank you Cesar for a very memorable experience!

We would have never thought that it’s possible to go rock-climbing in Sucre, but it was definitely an experience to remember!

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